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This is a forum for duelists who are a part of sky scourge and who duel on DN (dueling network) So please do not just join to be a troll.
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 !DarkLord_Enrise!'s Office

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PostSubject: !DarkLord_Enrise!'s Office   Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:25 am

As you walk into the office you sense something in the air. A scent that smells like something familiar. But every time you almost notice Enrise just has to interupt your pondering and ask why you are here.
My usual greeting is:
"Welcome to my office! What do you need from Lord Enrise?"
I am usually attending meeting with the moderators and and admins and not paying attention to the students. I usually make the others attend to you but if you see I am online..... don't pm me just post here if you have a question or if you just want to roleplay a bit then I will. But other then that... Go away!
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!DarkLord_Enrise!'s Office
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